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“True knowledge is not attained by thinking. It is what you are; it is what you become.”

– Sri Aurobindo


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Thu 23 Jun 2022

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

All Life is Yoga: Sri. Aurobindo’s Vision

Sri Aurobindo begins one of his greatest works, ‘Synthesis of Yoga’ with the chapter titled ‘Life & Yoga’, where he explores in a systematic manner the work and movements of Nature towards a higher synthesis and evolution – a task of high priority for her. Through this exploration he brings out in a Puissant manner that all Life essentially is an unfolding of Yoga at various levels. This talk seeks to present this vision of Sri Aurobindo as part of the theme, ‘Life in Yoga’.


Dr. Vinayachandra Banavathy

Director of Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems, Chanakya University, Bangalore & also at Indica Yoga

Dr. Vinayachandra Banavathy, is the Director of Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems, Chanakya University, Bangalore & also at Indica Yoga, a platform that offers authentic, immersive and transformative yoga experiences across the world. He holds a PhD on psychological insights in the Vedas from Pondicherry University, besides Masters’ in Sanskrit, English, Yogic Science and Applied Psychology. Vinayachandra is a dedicated teacher who travels across the world conducting courses, lectures and workshops on a unique blend of Yoga, Psychology and Sanskrit. He is a guest faculty/resource person at various Universities and Yoga Associations including Ghent University, Belgium; Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland; Vedanta Academy, Belgium; Irish Yoga Association, Ireland; Yoga Pramiti, Italy; School of Philosophy and Economic Science, Ireland; VYASA Singapore, etc. He has had the privilege of being a tutor at the European Union of Yoga Congress, Zinal, Switzerland for the years 2013, 2014 and was the Guest of Honour at the same event in the year 2017 along with Dr. Anuradha Choudry. His publications include a report on Standardization of Yoga Terminologies for WHO; a book co-edited with Dr. Anuradha Choudry titled ‘Perspectives on Indian Psychology’, published by Jain University Press, another book co-authored titled ‘Happiness: Indic Perspectives’, published by Development Foundation, besides a few articles, papers, booklets on Yoga, Indian Psychology, Culture and Spirituality. In addition to his academic interests, he is deeply passionate to work with children and youth and is involved with several cultural and service organizations in varied capacities.