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Thu 01 Jun 2023

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Event Type: Weekly

Awakening Inner Presence

Awakening Inner Presence

Foundational Program for
Seasoned Leaders & Coaches


We are excited to pilot an experiential journey of inner transformation based on millennia-old Indic Wisdom, contextualized to enliven leaders & coaches in North America/Europe, where you can

  • Create awareness of feeling-qualia (“rasa”) that evokes /provokes our inner drama
  • Understand how our inner drama influences our attitude & behavior
  • Uncover the Archetypical Inner Figures that shape our identity
  • Discover how actions and behaviors emerge to shape the relationship and culture around
  • Develop a set of ongoing practices to help deepen our transformational journey

This is based on decades of work which has been synthesized and co- volved with global cohort during 2020-2022 under the aegis of Centre for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation (CCSIT), Indic Academy.
Orientation Sessions: Journey of Inner transformation as per Yoga. (Online). A prerequisite for course, By registration

Thu, Feb 2nd, 11:00 AM-Noon EST
Thu, Feb 9th, 11:00 AM-Noon EST

Course: Awakening Inner Presence,
Feb 16th 2023 – June 1st 2023
Online for 2 hours for 17 weeks, Thursdays


Yogi is a person who is actively engaged with the world and yet anchored in inner quietude. Such a person comprehends double binds, paradoxes, and polarities, and finds a way to go beyond them in their decision making and action. Inner presence is essential for such excellence in action.

This program is customized for senior leaders (corporate, startup settings), who seek to build on their executive presence to support one-self and others to thrive in contemporary context of accelerating change. This is also designed as a selfmastery journey for experienced coaches who recognize that their coaching presence needs deepening. Inner presence is of paramount importance for making a difference in such leaders & coaches.

At CCSIT, we have distilled the core perspectives, principles and practices explicated in the wisdom texts like the Yoga Sutras, and Bhagavad Gita. Participants will be supported to become aware of the inner psycho drama and shift their field of action.

Yogic wisdom talks about a few fields of reality – we will see first 2 below:

  • At the superficial level, the Entropic Field (avidyA kshetram), comprises distinct, differentiated entities which are in competition with one another.
  • The Entropic Field emanates from the Enlivening Field (dharmA kshetram), a level of existence where everything is profoundly interconnected.
  • There are a few other fields.

When we recognize such fields within ourselves and begin the journey to move from Entropic to the Enlivening and so on, it invites others around us to follow the example and act from deeper fields. This inner shifts happens through deep introspection and is enabled by simple inner Yogic practices (not postures)

In this program, the participants and the facilitators will co-create conversational spaces as containers that would seed and nurture such shifts. Through the process of co- holding and co-nurturing participants are invited to experientially become aware of their inner workings, which is the foundational step in participants transformative journey towards developing inner presence.

The cohort-based program will be for a limited number of participants
Registrations are open for the orientation:

Foundation Fee: Awakening Inner Presence USD $1,008 inclusive of orientation, course handbook

Last date of Registration for orientation: 31st January 2023

Please note:
This is a deeply introspective program so participants are encouraged to their readiness & commitment to explore

For inquiries:
Contact: Somayaji Manikantan
Phone: +1 703-599-7426
Mail: somayaji.manikantan@gmail.com


Prasad Kaipa


Prasad was introduced to Sanskrit and Vedic studies early in his childhood. He got a Ph. D. in Physics from IIT Madras (1983) and was an assistant professor in Univ. of Utah. Later Prasad was a technology advisor and a research fellow in Apple University. His research theme was ‘designing a learning processor that augments human intelligence’ and he interviewed many Nobel laureates and experts and led back to Indic wisdom. Prasad taught in Saybrook University and Indian School of Business, in addition to coaching over 100 C-suite executives and entrepreneurs. He was on the boards of North South Foundation, Intellect Design Arena, Society of Org. Learning, International Leadership Association, Sanskrita Bharati (USA) and Yoga Bharathi. He is also co-founder of Center for Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation and Indic Academy. He has written three books on wisdom, Learning and disabled entrepreneurs and they have been translated into half a dozen languages.


Ajay Viswanath


Ajay is a Leadership Coach to senior leaders across various organizations, helping them to harness their own potential, through deep self-work enabling them to have conscious impact on people and systems around them. A Bharatanatyam dancer of the Mysore bani, Ajay has over 22 years’ experience designing and facilitating over 500 programs reaching over 12,000 participants. He has anchored interventions focused on Competency-based programs, Assessment Centers, Hi-performance Teams, and Change management for clients. He has co-designed and anchored Ramayana Exploration, a flagship offering of Ritambhara. Ajay is currently enrolled in Master of Arts in Global Leadership at Royal Roads University, Canada. Deepening his studies in Yoga Sutra and Natyashastra, Ajay integrates artistic practices and body work in his approach to Leadership Coaching.


Somayaji Manikantan


Somayaji Manikantan is a mentor and coach with over 25 years of technology /business experience and accompanies his clients on their professional expedition to their full flow. He serves Startup Founders/CEOs, senior managers, and leaders in 1-1 and Team settings where he blends his business acumen as a seasoned executive with the spiritual bent to help clients work through the challenges of modern-day business with his deep passion for helping people reach their peak potential. Mani is an alumnus of NIT Prayagraj, and Santa Clara University. He founded and was part of entrepreneurial companies. As a fellow in a national level think tank and collaborator, he focused on software and entrepreneurship as a game changer in a developing country. He is a Kriya yoga sadhaka and a Volunteer at Consciousness Studies and Inner Transformation’ (CCSIT)