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Sat 24 Jun 2023
Sun 25 Jun 2023

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

धर्म ज्ञान और मोक्ष (Hindi Talk)

Through his lectures titled ‘धर्म ज्ञान और मोक्ष’, Dr. Sharma aims to explore what Dharma is, and how Jñāna is critically essential to the performance of Dharma even at the very basic level. He further aims to explore how Darśanaśāstra assists Dharmaśāstra for that purpose. Mokṣa being the highest goal of human pursuit in Sanātana Dharma, Dr. Sharma shall explore how the performance of Dharma creates an environment which promotes the attainment of Jñāna and subsequently of Mokṣa.


Dr. Satyan Sharma


Dr. Satyan Sharma did his masters and doctorate from the department of Sanskrit at the Panjab University, Chandigarh. He has been teaching students of M.A. Sanskrit at the university for more than 5 years. His area of specialisation is Darśanaśāstra (Indian Philosophy). He has been serving as Assistant Professor (Guest) at the department since 2021.

He was recently awarded PhD degree for his thesis on a 13th century CE rare Sanskrit text titled 'Tarkasaṅgraha', authored by the renowned Advaita Vedānta ascetic and scholar Ānandajñāna (aka Ānandagiri), where a refutation of the whole Vaiśeṣika philosophy has been attempted. Since a few years, he has been studying Dharmaśāstras along with their traditional commentaries to understand the variety of interpretations and applications of them in the society in the past and present.