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Sat 27 May 2023

8:00 PM - 9:30 PM (UTC+5.5)

Indic Perspectives for Practicing Conscious Leadership

That The Upanishads and The Gita contain timeless wisdom that can be (and is being) leveraged for leadership and management is well known.

As “Conscious Leadership” principles are gaining critical importance in the turbulent world we live in, Indic Wisdom would contribute significantly to leadership evolution in the decades ahead!

To this end, this discussion will center around two frameworks introduced by Raj in his first book “Open our Minds: Science of The Gita, Part-1”, (a) SEES and (b) MEDYK.

SEES is Spiritualistic Evolutionary Empirical Science. This framework aims to blend our materialistic and empirical scientific thinking and spiritualistic thinking, rather than focus on the divergence of these constructs. When we make conscious choices professionally and personally, it is our consciousness working in combination with empirical observation. How can we make better choices and decisions at the confluence of the Seer-Seen, making sure that the observer and observed are BOTH considered in decision making? We will discuss some proposals to be able to do this, and how we can bring this into our daily life.

MEDYK is like a “subset” operating under SEES, forming the “how” of SEES, everyday. MEDYK = the daily recommended cycle of “Meditation-Exercise-Diet-Yoga-Karma Yoga.” While this may not sound unique, we need to have the MEDYK take care of us automatically on a daily basis – which, essentially, will help us with Conscious Leadership. It is this trait of MEDYK which will operate uniquely for each of us. As part of this framework we will look at specific recommendations from Sree Krishna in The Gita.

For both frameworks and how they can be foundational for us to live and lead consciously, real-life examples will be shared and discussed.


Shri Raj Gopalaswamy

Author - Science of the Gita and Global Technology Director of Global R&D at Novelis (part of Aditya Birla Group of Companies)

Shri Raj Gopalaswamy is currently Global Technology Director of Global R&D at Novelis, part of the Aditya Birla Group of companies. He was born in Chennai, did his engineering at BITS, Pilani, then MS and PhD in the US (MS&T, Rolla and Penn State), and MBA from Chicago Booth. Since childhood, Raj has contemplated whether science and philosophy could mesh into a blended framework to bring about a unification rather than a divergence of thought. In thinking through these questions, Raj has realised that starting with mental fortitude, a feeling of fulfilment, fearlessness, and a focused life full of purpose arises by following even a fraction of the teachings in The Bhagavad Gītā and The Upaniṣads. His proposal of a SEES (Spiritualistic Evolutionary Empirical Science) can not only offer a purpose-filled, fulfilling life, but also solutions to the most intractable problems in modern science and philosophy, like the unification of the fundamental forces, and the purpose of our material existence.


Brhm. Sai Sambat

Co-founder at Institute of Indic Wisdom

Brhm. Sai Sambat is a spiritual practitioner who has been focusing on psychospiritual evolution of self and others over three decades. An intense identity process-work in early 90's and immersive apprenticeship with a realized Spiritual Master have gifted him with nonevaluative awareness and evolved levels of psycho-spiritual, socio-cultural and ecological coherence. Sai’s passion and expertise span Leadership Development, Knowledge Management, Learning Design, and Organisational Development. As a Leadership Development Consultant and Coach, Sai enables managers and leaders to discover innate potential and leverage it towards greater efficacy, excellence and results. He is a graduate in Production Engineering from NIT, Tiruchirapalli and has a Masters in HRM&OD from XLRI, Jamshedpur.