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Fri 08 Jul 2022

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Indica Books Author Q&A with Rishi Agrawal & Arun Saha, authors of “Varanasi – A Passage to Immortality”

Indica Books presents Author Q&A with Rishi Agrawal & Arun Saha

Book Discussion – “Varanasi – A Passage to Immortality”

About the Book

Varanasi: A passage to immortality, is a 156-page coffee table book by Rishi Agrawal and Arun Saha. Varanasi is a city of contrasts. The form and the formless, the real and surreal, the life and the death all co-exist here. This timeless city invites our heart, mind, and soul to undertake a journey within as we roam its alleys. Its stories, legends, and myths lend an aura of magic to this spiritual heart of the world. The book is a collection of 200 soulful images to spark sublime conversations. Each page is a walk through the colourful by-lanes of the abode of Shiva and Annapurna. The photos capture the contentment of people, brilliance of ghats, colourful wall murals, delectable street foods, fine crafts, world-famous weaves, exuberant festivals, and famous personalities of this immortal city. The book is the author’s dream to paint the portrait of the unique forms, flavours, colours, smells, and textures of Varanasi through their lens. Get to know Kashi like a local, its akhadas, chai pe adi, malaiyyo, nag nathania, dev deepawali, Tulsi and Kabir. Rishi spent 4 years here, immersed in the traditions and finer aspects of the city’s persona, by the Ganges, riding his cycle to the nooks and corners of the city. His early dismay turned into a lifelong fascination with the flavours of this city of contradictions. Arun’s photographic sojourns have taken him to Kashi over and over again. This book is the outcome of his long-cherished dream to show the world the divinity and reality of life in Varanasi as his heart sees it. Take a look at the video to get a glimpse of this beautiful book at the link below – https://youtu.be/ZWuTCFsbapE

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Rishi Agrawal


Rishi Agrawal is an avid traveler and loves photography. He sees beauty in the every day and uses his camera as a poetic tool to tell extraordinary stories of ordinary life on the streets. While he is passionate about all of India, his college years in Varanasi left a deep imprint on his persona. It is these reflections that he hopes to capture in his book "Varanasi, A passage to immortality". Rishi is a technology entrepreneur who believes in the potential of technology to transform human lives. He has co-founded TeamLease Regtech and currently serves as the CEO. Rishi pursued a post-graduate program in management from IIM Calcutta and a degree in engineering from IIT Varanasi. He can be reached at @throughrishislens on instagram and @rishislens on facebook


Arun Saha


Arun Saha is a Pune-based photographer who spent 16 years with the Indian Air Force as a technical photographer. He specialises in street and travel photography and is a co-author of a coffee table book titled "Varanasi - A passage to Immortality". He is a chief photo mentor at Arun Saha Photography and has conducted hundreds of photo tours and photography workshops. He is the recipient of the National Photography Award as the best amateur photographer of the year (2019-20). In addition, he has won the prestigious Performance award in HPA (Humanitarian Photography Awards) China 2017, Maharashtra Govt Tourism Award 2021 and India Tourism Mumbai Award 2022. He also serves as a guest lecturer of photography for different universities like Sandip University(Nasik), Techno India University(Kolkata) for their VFX and Visual Art departments. Presently he is associated with India Today Group as a freelance photographer for their magazine.


Abhinav Agarwal


Abhinav is a technology professional with over twenty years in the software industry, the technical editor of a book published by McGraw-Hill, a prolific writer on areas on technology and Indology. He is a computer engineer and holds a post graduate diploma from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.