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Sat 02 Mar 2024
Sun 03 Mar 2024

8:30 AM - 12:30 PM (UTC+5.5)

Tirtha Yatra & Conference On Jain Traditions


INDICA is convening this conference on Jain Traditions at Chandraprabha Dhyana Nilayam, Kaylana Road, Jodhpur along with a Tirtha Yatra.

The conference celebrates the rich heritage of the Jain tradition and its integrated contributions to Bharat’s philosophical dialogue, communal rites, everyday practices, and sacred artistry, highlighting both its distinctive and shared heritage. The conference through paper presentations and distinguished invited talks will cover Jain philosophy, its uniqueness , Jainism across the landscape of Bhaarat, interface of Jainism with Vedic Buddhist traditions, Jain texts and impact of Jainism on life.


Day 1, 02 March 2024
Inaugural Session – 8.30 to 10.30AM
1 Dr. Nagaraj Paturi
Welcome Address
2 Rashtra Sant, Sri Chandra Prabh Sagar Ji Maharaj Inaugural Speech
3 Sri Vipul Kocher
CEO, AIEnsured & National Convenor, INDICA
Mutual Respect For Dharmic Paths – Jainism And Hinduism
Tea Break – 10.30-10.45AM
Distinguished Talk-1 (10.45-1.130AM)
Dr. Priyadarshana Jain
Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of Jainology, University of Madras, Chennai
Uniqueness Of Jain Culture
Session 1 – Jainism Across The Landscape Of Bharat – 11.30AM to 12.30PM
1 Arjun K V
Research Scholar, University of Kerala
Jain Traditions In The Ancient-Medieval Kerala
2 C. A. Rushab R Bhandari
Freelance Historian & Chartered Accountant
Jain Concept Of Tirth And The Significance Of Shri Parvat (Shrishailam) In Jain Literature
3 Dr. Hansmukh Seth
Associate Curator at The City Palace Museum, Udaipur
Jain Evidences, Discovered From Excavations At Chandrawati (Sirohi, Rajasthan)
Lunch Break – 12.30 to 1.30PM
Distinguished Talk-2 (1.30-2.15PM)
Sneha Nagarkar
Assistant Professor (Visiting), Department of Archaeology, University of Mumbai
Jaina Puranas
Session 2 – Jainism And Other Traditions – 2.15 to 3.00 PM
1 Dr. Kamini Vrajlal Gogri
Project Consultant/Associate Member ( COJS), SOAS, London, UK
Ravan: The Future Jain Tirthankara
2 Dr. Alok Kumar Verma
Assistant Professor, Humanities (History), MUIT, NOIDA, U. P.
Jainism And Buddhism: Its Integrated Contributions In Bharat’s (Indian) Culture
Tea Break – 3.00 to 3.15PM
Session 3 – Jainism Art & Architecture – 3.15 to 4.15PM
1 Bhatt Lajja Bipinkumar
PhD Research Scholar, Rajasthan Vidyapeeth, Department of Archaeology
Ranakpur Jain Temple: A Case Study With Special Reference Of Kalpvrikash Botanical Ornamentation
2 Alkesh Zaveri
Heritage Enthusiast Director-USA Chapter, Heritage Foundation Jalgaon
Vernation Of Goddess Lakshmi In Jain Traditions
3 Mrs. Surbhi Bhagat
Founder, Uttam Garbh Sanskar
Avadhana In Jaina Tradition
Session 4 – Jainism And Life – 4.15 to 5.00PM
1 Sunil Kumar
President, Aglaia Interactive
From Renunciation To Riches: The Jain Merchant Legacy In Bharat’s Economic And Cultural Tapestry
2 Aashi Jain
PhD Candidate, University of Ottawa, CA
“Sallekhanā Is Not Suicide” – Considering Nonviolence In Jain Ideal Death
Day 2, 03 March 2024
Session 5 – Jain Philosophy – 8.30 to 9.30AM
1 Muhammad Tanim Nowshad
Adjunct Faculty, University of Dhaka, Chief Coordinator: Architect’s
Anekāntavāda: A Special Jain Episteme, Which Can Shun Monoculturalism And Monolithic Understanding Of The World
2 Krithika Jain
Shastri Third Year Student, KKSU, Ramtek
The Pursuit Of Moksha Through Ratnatraya / मोक्ष का साधन – देव,शास्त्र,गुरु
3 Achyut Kant Jain
Assistant Professor, Center for Jain Studies, Jain University, Bangalore
Understanding Causality In Jaina Philosophy: Unpacking The Principles Of Sadāsatkāryavāda And Bhedābhedavāda
Distinguished Talk-3 ( 9.30-10.15AM )
Dr. Koenraad ELST
Oriental Philologist & Historian, unaffiliated
The Adaivika Nature Of Jainism As Per The Tattvārtha Sūtra
Tea Break – 10.15 to 10.30AM
Valedictory Session – 10.30AM to 12.30PM
1 Rashtra Sant Mahopadhyay Sri Lalit Prabh Sagar Ji Maharaj Valedictory Address
2 Dr. Nagaraj Paturi
Impact Of Jainism On Telugu And Kannada Literatures
3 Dr. Arti Bothra Kochar
Director, Verity Software & Co-curator
The Brave Story Of The Jain Society & Vote Of Thanks