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Sun 27 Aug 2023

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC+5.5)

Leadership Insights From Indic Psychometric Assessment

This Samvad will explore what constitutes Indian Psychology, Indic methods of understanding personality and their underpinnings from Samkhya. Panch Mahabhuta Theory and the concepts of Doshas & Gunas will be explicated. Classical Personality Types & Traits derived from the Pancha Mahabhuta theory and their deployment for the development of Indic Personality Assessment Scales will be delineated. Relevant examples of application such as recruitment, role transition, managerial & leadership development, career guidance & SWOT analysis for students as well as a leadership case study will be shared.


Dr. Shilpa Datar

Founder Director, Swayam Analytics Pvt Ltd

Dr. Shilpa Datar holds a Psychology Doctorate and has undertaken specialized courses in Indian Psychology, Philosophy, and Advaita philosophy, studying under eminent scholars and institutions. With experience in assisting children with Special Needs, particularly Learning Disabilities, she developed psychometric tests to comprehend the personalities of mainstream individuals. These tests, widely employed worldwide, stem from issues she encountered in her work. Having presented papers at national and international Psychology conferences and published extensively in reputable journals, Dr. Datar is a member of the National Academy of Psychology of India and a Life Member of the Karnataka Association of Clinical Psychologists. Her expertise extends to reviewing journals in psychology and Ayurveda due to her multidisciplinary work. She's part of the Committee for Accreditation of Psychometric Testing at IIBP, India. Through her proprietary online software, Dr. Datar facilitates self-discovery through unique personality profiling. Her tests are used globally for studying Prakriti in various scenarios. She was honored with the "Veda Brahma Award for Excellence in Innovation, 2012" by AAPNA, USA. Shilpa was invited to London by CBFW and Bank of America Merrill Lynch to discuss her work, women's empowerment, and entrepreneurship challenges in India. She's received multiple awards, including recognition from NFED, Rotary Bangalore, and Emerg. Dr. Datar was an Adjunct Professor at Hindu University of America, teaching "Personality Assessment from Indian Tradition," and later taught Psychology to PG students at Bishop Cottons Women’s College, Bangalore. She's a board member for Police Recruitment, Karnataka State Police Department, and is the Founder Director of "Swayam Analytics Pvt Ltd," an analysis platform aiding student career success, corporate hiring, and employee development through personality strength assessment.


Brahmachari Sai Sambat

Co-founder, Institute Of Indic Wisdom

Brhm. Sai Sambat is a spiritual practitioner who has been focusing on psychospiritual evolution of self and others over three decades. An intense identity process-work in early 90's and immersive apprenticeship with a realized Spiritual Master have gifted him with nonevaluative awareness and evolved levels of psycho-spiritual, socio-cultural and ecological coherence. Sai’s passion and expertise span Leadership Development, Knowledge Management, Learning Design, and Organisational Development. As a Leadership Development Consultant and Coach, Sai enables managers and leaders to discover innate potential and leverage it towards greater efficacy, excellence and results. He is a graduate in Production Engineering from NIT, Tiruchirapalli and has a Masters in HRM&OD from XLRI, Jamshedpur.