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Fri 28 Oct 2022
Sun 30 Oct 2022

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Maya – The Power of Ishvara

Maya a power of Ishwara shows up as Agyana (Ignorance) at the level of Jeeva. Maya (and Ignorance at individual level) is a topic extensively dealt with in many Advaita Vedanta texts and we will during the course of the three talks attempt to look at the discussions in multiple texts such as Maya Panchakam, Eknathi Bhagwatam, Vivekachoodamani, Panchadashi, Atma Bodha, Bhagwad Gita, Narada Bhakti Sutra etc and understand what these texts say about crossing this intractable Maya (and avidya at individual level)


Sri Srinivasan Iyengar


Srinivasan Iyengar (Srini) had a 30 year career spanning India, the Middle East and Singapore.  He worked with international banks in multiple Senior Management roles.

Srini has addressed diverse audiences eg Cadets and Officers of Indian Naval Academy at Ezhumala, Doctors at the Armed Forces Medical College, Senior Executives of Tata Power Company, Principals & Teachers of JNVs. He has also addressed international audiences in Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok, Dubai, Bahrain and other countries.

Over the past five years, having taken early retirement, he has been engaged full time in driving a project to create noble civil servants through the combined civil service exams. 

He has been involved with the spiritual path for over 30 years and his repertoire of speaking covers. 

  • Spirituality – Bhagwad Gita, Bhagwatam, Vivekachoodamani, Panchadashi etc
  • Leadership & personality development – How to win friends and influence people and Public speaking books by  Dale Carniegie etc  
  • Workshop on Personal Empowerment - for over 100 Rural Residential Schools in remote areas of rural India.

Srini is a Chartered Accountant from India and Chartered Financial Analyst from USA. He lives in Mumbai with his wife and two children.