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Sat 10 Sep 2022
Sun 11 Sep 2022

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (UTC+5.5)

Namasankeerthanam & Divine Weddings

Nama Japam or Nama Sankeertanam is the japa or sankirtana of nama (name) of the divine. The devotee chooses Ishta devata literally “cherished divinity” and picks up a name of the Ishta deva to repeatedly chant the name vocally or in the mind any time, anywhere. Devotees can form a group and do sankeertanam or singing together of name of the divinity. Namasankeerthanam is simplest and very effective way of worship in Kaliyuga.

An important aspect of Namasankeerthanam is the Devotional festivity (Utsava Sampradaya) under which one celebrates Divine Weddings of the deities such as Radha Kalayanam, Sita Kalayanam, Andal Kalyanam, Tulasi Vivaha, etc.

In this talk, Kumbakonam Ananthanarayana Bhagavathar will shed light on both Nama-Sankeerthanam and the celebration of divine weddings.


Sri. Kumbakonam Ananthanarayana Bhagavathar

Renowned Singer of Namasankeerthanam in Pracheena Bhajana Sampradayam

Sri. Kumbakonam Ananthanarayana Bhagavathar, is a renowned singer of Namasankeerthanam in Pracheena Bhajana Sampradayam. He is the grandson of Bhagavatha Padampamsu, Late Sri. T.V. Narayana Sastri of Kumbakonam who was responsible for spreading Abhangs in Tamil Nadu in early 60s and founder of M/S. Panduranga Bhajan Mandali, Ch-5. He learned and attained expertise of Marathi Abhangs from his father Sri. T.N. Vaidyanathan (Chellibagawathar), a renowned singer of Namasankeerthanam and founder of M/S. Bhakwaswara Bhajan Mandali, Chennai. Performed widely across many sabhas and TV channels in India. Since 2016, he has started performing in many venues across the U.S.A and Dubai.