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Sat 07 Jan 2023

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Overview of Indica Course Introduction to Rabindranath Tagore : Life and Works

What are the metaphysics and ethics that undergird the creative impulses of Rabindranath Tagore, Asia’s first Nobel laureate and composer of the national anthem of India?

To answer this question, we have curated an INDICA Course that offers an opportunity to learn about the life and works of the “Poet Laureate of India” and discover the deeper aesthetic, philosophical, and spiritual roots of the Sūkti-s or noble utterances of a Modern Indian Rishi. It will be an immersion in Tagore’s creative and critical corpus to help the learner understand the keynote of Tagore’s monumental literary, artistic, and altruistic oeuvre – which is the unique Hindu emphasis on aspiring for the higher modes of existence, the life of the spirit, without denying the life of flesh and blood for a moment, while treating the latter as an important site of the unfolding of – and a veritable proof of – the former.

In this webinar, our faculty will overview this INDICA Course on Introduction to Rabindranath Tagore : Life and Works.


Sreejit Datta

Faculty, INDICA Courses

Shri Sreejit Datta is an educator, researcher, and social commentator, writing/speaking on subjects critical to rediscovering and rekindling the Indic consciousness in a postmodern, neoliberal world. Presently a fellow of the Rajeev Circle Scholars (RCS) Program – a prestigious book-writing fellowship offered by the Motwani Jadeja Foundation (Palo Alto, USA) – Datta is deploying his scholarly insights to write a monograph that will chronicle the history of revolutionary nationalism in Bengal during the early decades of the twentieth century from an emic viewpoint. A poet, translator, and trained musician, Datta hails from the city of Calcutta in the Indian state of West Bengal.


Dimple Kaul

Host, Servant Leader, INDICA Courses

Dimple, the Servant Leader at Indica Courses, is a learner, writer, poet, marketer, transformation coach and Life Enthusiast! Her education spans the humanities (MA, Liberal Arts), technology (B.E., Electronics and Communication) and business management (MMS, Marketing). She is currently pursuing Ph.D. in Development Studies. Dimple has led projects in austere environments, working with several multinational corporations. She has also been guiding several nonprofit organizations through strategic initiatives, serving as a pro-bono volunteer consultant, communications executive and transformation coach. With two decades of professional experience across Media, Telecom and Technology, she now serves the field of Indigenous Knowledge Systems through INDICA Courses – the pioneering EdTech start-up founded by INDICA.