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Sun 16 Jul 2023

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Panel Discussion : 4th Indic Film Utsav

Panel Discussion on the 4th Indic Film Utsav with the core members of Indica Pictures

Indic Film Utsav, the premier film festival focused on Indic films, has announced the dates for its 4th edition which will be held November 9-12, 2023. The festival is a competitive festival in multiple categories – features, documentaries, and short films. Core team members of Indic Pictures will join online to discuss the upcoming festival.


Danji Thotapalli

Chief Curator & Festival Director

Danji Thotapalli is a senior global technology sourcing professional with a passion for cinema. Having spent the past 10 years at major Hollywood studios, Danji understands the power of film and the extent of its reach. In addition to working in Hollywood, Danji has been associated with the management of film festivals for 20 years.


Nikita Hattangady

Head - Festival Programming

Nikita Hattangady is a writer and filmmaker. She completed her writing and directing debut, a British comedy set in London that received glowing reviews. Nikita authored and illustrated a children’s book on diversity in America titled "We Are American", that is used in various school districts as a teaching tool. Nikita’s greatest passions are storytelling and filmmaking besides learning new cultures.


Christian Frost

Head - Filmmaker Liaison

Christian Frost has been working in Hollywood for nearly 20 years in marketing and creative print. Christian received a B.A. in Anthropology with an emphasis on Indian studies and is currently pursuing an Advanced Program in Hindi Language. He has traveled extensively to India and made friends with some of Bollywood’s elite. Christian is also a filmmaker and content creator.


Pawan Janakiram

Senior Programmer

Pawan Janakiram likes to surround himself with theatrical arts. He has written and staged plays in Kannada. As an avid film student, Pawan likes to watch world cinema. He made four short films. Pawan is married to Sushma Kashyap who is a Hindustani classical vocalist.