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"Yogasutras capture the essence of Yoga philosophy and sādhanā. Chanting them properly and knowing their meaning will allow us access to that timeless wisdom"


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Wed 01 Jun 2022

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM (UTC+5.5)

पातञ्जल-योगसूत्र-पाठः Pātañjala yogasūtra pāțha – 21 Days of Yoga-Sutra Chanting


Yoga is a journey of the self to re-join with the absolute one. The re-joining is not occurring because of disturbing noise in us. We can settle down the disturbance by employing proper recitation of the Yoga sutra. The vibration of recitation matches the natural frequency of body and mind, eventually bringing harmony and peace within us.

Yoga-sutra contains 195 sutras in four chapters or pada. Namely Samadhi pada, Sadhana pada, Vibhuti pada and Kaivalya pada. These sutras are a glimpse of the experiential knowledge of Maharshi Patanjali, who is the author of this text, a most authentic source on Yoga philosophy.

The recitation of those sutras is the beginning step to understanding the yoga sutra as a child learns only sounds in its initial development. As Valmiki was initiated with the Rama mantra by Sage Narada, he went to a deeper understanding of the word that comes out as a Ramayana. Similarly, the recitation of the sutra will bring a profound experience of the text and transformation in oneself.


  • To know the proper way of recitation of Sutra
  • To understand the sutra meaning through conscious chanting
  • To improve our Sanskrit pronunciation
  • To attain harmony and peace

Expected outcomes:

  • Improvement in the pronunciation of Indian languages
  • To know how to split the words when it is in complex form.
  • Understanding of some yoga sutras terms

 Dates: 01 to 30 June (Only Weekdays) (Monday to Friday)

Mode: Online Zoom platform

Time: 6:30-7:00 PM IST

Fee: For Indian Nationals Rs.250/- INR & International Participants $10 USD

For any further queries or information please write to us at namaste@indicayoga.com or contact us at +916363663313 / +919844644562



Coordinator at Indica Yoga & Indica Moksha

Bheemashankar N has undergone the Gurukul system of education for 13 years, first at Prabhodini Gurukulam at Sringeri and then at Veda Vigyana Gurukulam at Bengaluru. Later, he did his Masters in Yoga from SVYASA and another Masters in Advaita Vedanta from Karnataka Sanskrit University. Presently he is working as a coordinator at Indica Yoga and Indica Moksha