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Thu 01 Dec 2022

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Principles of Vedic Leadership

Vedic Leadership (VL) emerges from a highly developed self-awareness of leaders who transcend surface reality and connect with unbounded consciousness, the broad essential wholeness of the world. The most important Vedic principles for leadership relate to the nature of the Self and of Action – i.e. who we are and what we do. The key Vedic concepts – of moral duty (dharma), and dispassionate action (karma) articulate a simple Vedic leadership formula as follows: Authentic leaders are self-realized people who do their work dispassionately according to their moral duty. VL potentially leads to a sustainably growing organization that engages the wholeness of being, and fullness of knowledge, for mistake-free action on everyone’s part. In such an organization, everyone performs their specific assigned role to the best of their natural ability and talent, while keeping the greater good of the whole organization in mind. Our V-theory of transcendence enables multiple techniques for leaders to increase their self-awareness. A case study of a multinational business organization in the IT industry shows how operating from the Vedic ideal of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (Maha Upanishad VI.71-73) or ‘whole world as one family’, this business experienced rapid and sustainable growth for over a decade. There are implications for leadership and transformation in organizations as well as for society for addressing complex challenges.


Dr Anil K Maheshwari

Scholar, Seeker and Professor of Management at Maharishi International University (MIU), USA

Dr Anil K Maheshwari is a scholar and seeker whose interests transcend and include data science, management science, and Vedic science. Currently a professor of management at Maharishi International University (MIU), USA, he has written more than a dozen books and dozens of research papers and books chapters in a diverse set of areas. His book on Data Analytics remains #1 read even 8 years after publishing.  https://www.coursera.org/articles/data-analytics-books-for-beginners . He earned a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Delhi, an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, a PhD in Management from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, and an MA in Vedic Science from MIU. He recently organized a unique international conference on consciousness-based leadership and management. He is editing a 2-volume book of presentations from conference.  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/consciousness-based-leadership-and-management-volume-1-anil-maheshwari/1141347559


Raghu Ananthanarayanan

Host, Co-Founder CCSIT

Raghu Ananthanarayanan, an alumnus of IIT Madras is a behavioural scientist, Yoga teacher and an author. His central quest has been the enquiry: “How to continually look within, transform, be the best and inspire?” This seeking led to discipleship with Yogacharya Krisnamacharya, dialoguing with J Krishnamurti and collaborating with Prof. Pulin K Garg. He has dedicated his life to the study and application of Yogic traditions to guide the inner transformation of individuals and shape leadership and culture building of organizations. He has pioneered the use of the Yoga Sutras, traditional theatre, and the Mahabharata in experiential learning. Raghu has authored many books. The latest books are “The Five Seats of Power - Discovering the best you can be through the Mahabharata” and “Antaranga Yoga - the Foundation of Indian Psychology”.