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Sat 21 May 2022

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM (UTC+5.5)

Role & Function of Traditional Mathams in Contemporary Hindu Society

Indica Moksha (Advaita Academy) is pleased to announce the 3rd ‘Global Festival of Oneness’ (GFO2022) celebrating one of the foremost thinkers and socio-cultural-spiritual architects in the history of mankind from the Indian sub-continent – Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya (Shankara).

For the last two years, we have been hosting the Global Festival of Oneness on the occasion of Shankara Jayanti as a one-month-long online celebration of the life, works, and legacy of Adi Shankaracharya Bhagavadpada. The initiative has been conceived as our tribute and show of reverence towards the entire Advaita Guru-Parampara that starts with Bhagavan Narayana, has Veda Vyasa and Adi Shankaracharya at the middle, and is still continuing with our own Acharyas.

This year also we will be celebrating a month-long festival from May 06 till June 05 and we will feature around 50 Scholars, Sages, and Seekers to share Shankara’s life and works across multiple dimensions that include Philosophy, Oneness, Leadership, and more.

In this Panel Discussion Sri Yogananda CS, Sri Surendranath, and Prof. Venugopalan will discuss on “Role & Function of Traditional Mathams in Contemporary Hindu Society“. Dr Nagaraj Paturi will host this session


Yogananda CS

Dr. C S Yogananda got his B.Sc., M.Sc.(Mathematics) degrees from Bangalore Univ. He obtained his Ph.D. (Mathematics ) in 1990 from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, (University of Madras), working under the guidance of the renowned number theorist, Prof. R. Balasubramanian. After his Ph.D, he spent two years in the Panjab Univ., Chandigarh. Dr. Yogananda's research interests are in the areas of number theory, especially, algebraic number theory, modular forms and elliptic curves. He is interested in mathematics teaching at all levels - scool to advanced level. He was active in the Mathematical Olympiad programme in India from 1989 - 2003 and was involved in the training and selection of the Indian team to International Math Olympiads. In 2005 he moved to Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore to pursue his passion for teaching in the Undergraduate programme. He is very interested in the interface of Mathematics and Technology and has contributed to many IT tools for Indian languages. He is involved in the creation and maintenance of the portals: Advaitasharada.sringeri.net and kymyogavaisharadi.in, among many such archives. He was a founder editor of Samasya, a triannual journal for school students and was a member of the Editorial Board of Resonance, a journal for Science education published from the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. He is the author of several research and survey articles in various journals. Besides Mathematics, he is interested in classical music and mountaineering.



Columnist and Speaker

Surendranath Chandranath is a columnist and speaker on various topics relating to India's History and specifically the traditional knowledge systems. He is the Consulting Editor at Indic Today. Surendranath has run workshops on the 6 vedangas, written on issues of cultural encounters that India has had in the past several centuries, received basic training in Vedic chanting and is an avid student of ritualism across cultures. Surendranath has been a software engineer for 25 years and has Undergraduate and Master's Degrees in Technology from IIT, Bombay. He lives in Chennai with his wife of 22 years and two children.


Prof. Venugopalan

Professor, Kanchipuram University

Prof S.Venugopalan is basically a Vedaadhyayin. He had learnt Krishna Yajurveda taittiriya sakha upto the level of Kramantham. Leter he joined Siromani degree course of Madras University run by Madras Sanskrit College, Mylapore. He pursued M.A.Sanskrit from same Madras University & learnt German language for 5 years. He pursued research in Sanskrit Vyakaranam & awarded the PhD degree in 2002. He taught Sanskrit for students of Ayurveda at Sri Jayendra Saraswathy Ayurveda college, dept of health sciences of SCSVMV University, Kanchipuram. Currently he's professor at Kanchipuram University & guides several research scholars in Sanskrit. Has presented more than 30 research papers on various subjects like Vyakaranam, Ayurveda & Yoga. Member in several professional bodies & examiner for various universities


Dr. Nagaraj Paturi

Host, Senior Director & Chief Curator, INDICA

Dr Nagaraj Paturi trained in Sanskrit and Advaita Vedanta by his hyper-polyglot, polymath and spiritually accomplished sakala-shaastra-paarangata father, late Sri Paturi Sitaramanjaneyulu garu, he is seriously committed to the transmission of Vedic sciences to the present generation. He designed a very big number of courses of contemporary applications of Vedic Sciences and has been successfully teaching them and getting them taught. Presently he is Presently he is Director, Indic Academy And Distinguished Professor, Curriculum Designer, Executive Committee Member and Member, Board of Studies, MIT School of Vedic Sciences, Pune. Member, Board of Studies for Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, Kavikulaguru Kalidasa Sanskrit University, Veda Vijnana Gurukula. Formerly Senior Professor of Cultural Studies FLAME School of Communication and FLAME School of Liberal Education Former Visiting Professor, University of Chicago, US) In his PhD (1998, UoH) Developed Indic Model of Myth Criticism of Literature. MPhil (1987, UoH) Brought out Vakyapadiyam as theoretical foundation of Ashtaadhyaayee Around 50 publications, around 60 conference /seminar/ workshop papers. Consultancy to numerous culture research and theater and dance innovation projects. Scores of creative writing works for Classical Dance, Modern Theater and magazines. Several series of talks and other programs on Radio and Television channels.