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Tue 10 Jan 2023

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Sentence Construction in Sanskrit (Hindi)

INDICA’s Center for Bharatiya Languages invites you to a conversation with Professor (retd.) Dr. Vasantkumar M. Bhatt on the 10th of January (Tue) 2023 at IST 1600 hrs. This conversation, primarily in Hindi, on some aspects of sentence construction in Sanskrit, will draw from his best-selling book संस्कृत वाक्य-संरचना first published in 1996 by Saraswati Pustak Bhandar (Ratan Pola, Ahmedabad) which is already into its tenth edition in 2022. This book is written in Gujarati for those who want to learn Sanskrit as a second language.


Dr. Vasantkumar M. Bhatt

Professor (retd.), Sanskrit Scholar, Author, and Manuscriptologist; retired in 2015 as Director of the School of Languages, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad

Recipient of a "Certificate of Honor" from the President of India in 2018 for his contributions to the field of Sanskrit, Dr Prof. Vasantkumar M. Bhatt self-identifies as a student of Sanskrit grammar. He retired as the Director of the School of Languages at Gujarat University where he was a Professor of Sanskrit and the Head of the Department of Sanskrit. He studied Pāṇini’s grammar under the guidance of Pt. Bal Krishna Pancholi Ji of Varanasi. Dr. Bhatt's areas of research have included the meta-rules of Pāṇini’s Aṣṭādhyāyī and his expertise in manuscriptology is highly regarded. He critically edited, for the first time, the Kashmiri recension of the Abhijñānaśākuntalam (from Birch Bark manuscripts in the Śāradā script). Amongst his many translations include those of the Ṛgveda, Nirukta, and multiple Sanskrit dramas. He is the author of 45 books and 150 research articles. He has been the research guide for 22 PhD candidates.


Megh Kalyanasundaram

Host, Director – Special Projects, INDICA

Megh Kalyanasundaram is an Indian citizen with close to nine years of lived experience in China, an alumnus of ISB and is currently Director Special Projects at INDICA. His post-graduate specialization in Strategy, Leadership and Marketing included a study of research methods. His professional experience includes stints as a Market Leader at a Global Fortune 50 firm, as Head of Business Development at a leading Indian talent development multinational and he has served a term on the Board of a Shanghai-based not-for-profit. His academic research interests and 20+ papers span some aspects of ancient Indian chronology, Indian Knowledge Systems, Landscape in Indic texts, Ancient Indian Jurisprudence, Ideas of India and Philosophy. For his creative contribution to the first edition of the International Day of Yoga, he was invited by the Permanent Mission of India in the United Nations to attend the inaugural event at the UN. Other professional and pro-bono pursuits have included building differentiated digital platforms for Indic texts targeted at specific learning and research needs and music. His research-based compositional Sanskrit album 'Bhārata and her Kāśmīra' has been listed by the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (IGNCA) while his subsequent album 'Indian Knowledge Systems and Yāskācārya's Nirukta' has recently been accepted for listing by the Vedic Heritage Portal. In 2022, Megh was invited by the National Museum Institute (NMI) to contribute content for multiple projects currently underway at NMI, including ones on Jammu Kashmir & Ladakh and Kedarnath.