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Fri 10 Feb 2023
Sun 12 Feb 2023

5:00 PM - 2:00 PM (UTC+5.5)




No. 69, BMTC Layout, Adjacent to Kammasandra Village, Lakshmipura
Hobli, Karnataka India




Dawn of Supreme Goddess

This retreat will focus on

Dhyana , collective stotra chanting and discussions about Her tattva and some shakta philosophy

Description of Shakti – The Divine Mother

Shakta , the one who worships Shakti as Divine Mother , opens the inner doors of realising Her immanence in all of Prakriti. Prakrit involves Sadhaka’s own nature , svabhava.  To come in contact with Her presence in our own nature and thus make Her grace the firmament on which edifice of life is built is the central aspiration of the seeker of this path. We learn to adore all life as auspicious reflection of Her tattva, principle. In trials and tribulations of life , joys and exalted moments, we seek Her Divine touch. We learn to see her Mulaprakriti from whom trigunas emanate.

The Details of the Retreat are as follows:

Date & timings: Starts on the evening of Friday, February 10, 2023, 5pm and concludes on Sunday, February 12, 2023, 3pm.

Venue: Ritambhara Retreat, No. 69, BMTC Layout, Adjacent to Kammasandra Village, Lakshmipura Hobli.

The Retreat, located just on the outskirts of Bangalore city, is a small beautiful space dedicated to Yoga & spiritual studies and practices in a simple and clean environment adjacent to a farm of its own.

Accommodation: Only shared accommodation will be provided

Food: Simple sattvik food with fresh grown vegetables from the farm

Reaching the Retreat Venue: The venue is about 22 kms from Majestic Bus Stand and is accessible through Magadi Road and Tumkur Road preferably through own vehicles. The retreat center is very close to ‘Kamadhenu Kshetra’ – a highly popular Raghavendra Swamy temple in the last few years. It would take about an hour to reach the retreat venue from the heart of the city. Participants have to make their own arrangements. If any assistance is required Indica Moksha Team will help.

Please Note:

-Precaution and care are being taken keeping in mind the pandemic situation and health advisories. The venue is cleaned and sanitized. Sanitizers and other necessary aids and practices are put in place.
-The participants are mandated to fill and submit the registration form.
-All Participants have to reach the venue by Friday noon as the sessions commence from that evening itself.
-No children below the age of 18 are allowed in the retreat.
-Accommodation would be provided on a sharing basis. No individual rooms.
-No outside food is allowed or available.
-After registration payment link will be shared separately.

Retreat Fee: Rs.6000/-

*Avail Early Bird discount offer: Rs.5,000/- for registration before 31st Jan, 2023. (Limited seats only)

For more details contact us at +91 7760079475 or email: nithin@advaita-academy.org


Ramachandra Roddam

Sadhak, a Bhagawati Upasaka, Trustee & Administrator at Sanatan Siddhashram, Birbhum, West Bengal

Sri Ramachandra is a Sadhak , a Bhagawati Upasaka. As a Sevak serves as a trustee and administrator at Sanatan Siddhashram, Birbhum , West Bengal. This traditional learning centre is dedicated to the practice of ancient Baul tradition and propagation of its philosophy. He published book titled " Devi Bhakti Tarangani" which comprises devotional poetry dedicated to the Divine Mother. He writes essays and articles related to Indian Philosophy, spiritual practise and spiritual traditions. As a guest faculty he delivers lectures on the subjects of yoga and Indian spirituality. He periodically conducts spiritual retreats.