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"Be happy. Serve others. Spread love and kindness. Seek the highest love. Chant the Name Divine. Offer everything to the Lord."


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Fri 31 Mar 2023

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM (UTC+5.5)

The Planets Within ~ A Path to Divine

In this interactive session, Jagetsevakji brings to life the planetary forces that live within each and everyone of us. He takes us on a journey that highlights the role each planet or graha plays in bringing us closer to Divine. Mantras for each planet are taught and practiced in an easy to learn and informative way. Each attendee will have the opportunity to receive a recording of the mantras and recommendations for personal practice.



Jagatsevakji is a jyotishi, pujari, mantra teacher, father, and devotee of vedic sanatana dharma. He is a student and disciple of the bhakti lineage of Sadguru Sant Keshavadasji as well as the Mysore Krishna Yajurveda lineage of South India. He is the author and voice of the Planetary Mantras for Beginners series among other works. Jagatsevakji is called by Divine to serve as a messenger of happiness, compassion, peace, love and kindness.


Sophia French

Host, Journalist

Sophia has been a journalist for over 15 years, and she has been practising hatha yoga for 20 years. She completed a yoga and Vedanta course at the Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Ashram in Netala, and she's been practising hatha yoga in the Iyengar and Krishnamacharya systems. She is currently studying Indian philosophy and is a regular journalist