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" Sincere daily practice of meditation will lead to a wondrous and divine transformation of your life. Try it ! You will never leave it !!"


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Fri 10 Jun 2022

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Who Am I? Meditation Session

The session will explain the meditative technique of Self-Enquiry through the practice of asking the vital question  “Who am I? “.

This  enigmatic yet disarmingly simple method of meditation is the primary teaching of the sage Sri Ramana Maharshi. Sri Ramana Maharshi is a pre-eminent sage who lived in the 20th century and his own realisation is  unique and unparalleled in annals of history.He realised in his boyhood the Eternal Truth, the Self-Supreme without the aid of initiation by external Guru,without the need of theoretical knowledge or study of the Sastras and Scriptures, and without having resorted to any kind of ritualistic worship.

Having realised the Eternal Truth in his teens,  he taught humanity for over half a century the direct way to Self-knowledge, peace and happiness. Much of philosophic thought is bogged down by dialectic disputes about the nature of God, the nature of the world and the individual’s relationship to them. Sri Ramana Maharshi steers clear of this quagmire by focussing attention on the essential technique to discover one’s true identity. This technique is Atma Vichara or Self-Enquiry and helps an individual to seek his/her Source by asking Who am I?

This is not only a meditative technique but an all-consuming inner quest for  Self-Realisation. This session helps  you take the first steps in this quest and will include a brief practice session and Q & A.


Rajshekar Krishnan

Coach & Seeker

Rajshekar has been a life-long seeker of spiritual wisdom. He is an ardent devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. He is an engineer by qualification and a corporate trainer by profession.