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Fri 18 Nov 2022
Sun 20 Nov 2022

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Writers Retreat by Mayur Didolkar

Indica books is delighted to announce a two-day writer’s retreat on 18th-20th November 2022 for aspiring writers at our Indica- Rithambara Retreat, Bengaluru. This retreat is anchored by bestselling writer and screenwriter Mayur Didolkar. Mayur has published four novels and over thirty short stories in the last nine years. His short story collection Nagin was published by Juggernaut to immense critical and general acclaim. Mayur is also working on numerous screenwriting assignments.

A synopsis of the course curriculum:

  1. Introduction- What is Storytelling/Fiction Writing?
  • Three fundamental rules to follow
  • Qualities needed to be a writer
  1. Building Blocks of Fiction:
  • Conflict and why it is needed
  • Introduction to the three-act structure and its application in fiction
  • Paragraphs- unit of fiction writing.
  1. Plot Versus Character Driven Storytelling:
  • Whether to write an outline or not, how to write without outlining and pro and cons of both schools of thought.
  1. Dialogue Writing and Research:
  • Components of good dialogue writing
  • Dialogues as a tool to carry your story forward
  • One fatal flaw to avoid at all costs
  • Research- when, how much and why. Also, how to do it on a budget.
  1. Now Write:
  • How to start
  • Tyranny of the blank page and how to overcome it
  • Good writing habits

The objective of the above curriculum is to enable the participants to learn the building blocks of fiction writing as well as how to implement this knowledge to actually create a work of fiction. The course material will link writing related advice from literary giants ranging from Virginia Woolf to Stephen King and the participants will learn how to adapt and incorporate this advice into their daily writing routine. The retreat is aimed at being highly engaging and interactive where the participants will be encouraged to debate, discuss and challenge every concept they will learn. The curriculum is designed to benefit writers of both contemporary and period fiction.  All the sections of learnings will be followed by stimulating and unique writing exercises that would make the process more exciting.  There will also be a bonus session about fundamentals of screenwriting/non-fiction writing at the end.

This writers retreat is for creative intellectuals to get together and learn from the experts and begin their journey as authors. The idyllic ambience of the retreat will provide the perfect environment for the participants to get away from the monotony of their routine and accelerate the realisation of their writing dreams.

The retreat is limited to 15 participants. The cost of accommodation will be Rs 5000 for both the days.

Existing members of 1000 Reviewers Club ( 2021 & 2022) who have written 3 or more reviews need not pay the above cost and will be hosted free of charge. Outstation members of the Reviewers Club who have fulfilled the above criteria will also be provided an additional travel grant of Rs 10000 or actuals whichever is lower.


Mayur Didolkar


Mayur Didolkar has published four novels and several short stories. Nagin, his story collection about shape-shifters, was published to general acclaim. His latest novel A Bad Place has received critical and commercial sucess At present he is awaiting publication of his next novel The Storyteller, while working on several screenwriting projects. Mayur has tried his hands at diverse hobbies like running marathons and doing stand-up comedy.