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Fri 27 May 2022
Sun 29 May 2022

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (UTC+5.5)

YATRA to Sringeri Vidyashankara Temple


At INDICA, we pursue an Integral strategy. We simultaneously seek to preserve, protect and promote all aspects of our heritage, be it intellectual, cultural or spiritual. Various topics are examined from multiple angles be it as theme for a conference, publication of a research paper, commentary or a book, supporting the filming of a documentary, conducting a course, organising a retreat, festival or a tour. We also believe in ensuring that all our offerings are authentic, immersive and transformative learning experiences. In an effort to fuse intellectual teachings with experiences we periodically organise ‘pop up’ gurukulams  with great intellectual masters of our times. We conduct retreats, be it for writers, seekers or yoga practitioners and also offer grants to intellectuals to attend those that are organised by other institutions . Even our conferences are experiential and are organised in locations linked to the theme of the conference. In 2019 we organised the first ever conference on Yatras at Kashi. Eventually our vision is to launch a platform dedicated for experiential learning – INDICA YATRA.

Sringeri Vidyasankara Temple Astronomical Theater:

We recently had the opportunity to publish ‘Sringeri Vidyasankara Temple Astronomical Theater’ by Sri Viswa N Sharma.  The book reveals, with scriptural support, that the Vidyāśaṅkara Temple is a Sun Temple unique in India and the world. It reveals many intriguing secrets of Sanātana Dharma and its astronomy as narrated by the architecture. It shows how well Veda, Vedanta, Vedāṅga Jyotiṣa , Yoga, Vāstu Shāstra, Āgama and Tantra are harmoniously blended in the construction of the Vidyāśaṅkara temple. The book provides captivating foundational facts like the religious purpose of the temples; how the grand temple architectures are designed to meet stated purposes; how to understand the biological basis of Hindu Astronomy, Ayurveda, Astrology, Festivals and many more such cultural aspects.

The author of the book, Sr Viswa N Sharma is a retired Electronics Engineer settled in the greater Houston area, USA. Born and brought up in Karnataka, he worked in communication systems and power conversion inversion architectures and has registered over twenty-five patents. He researches Sanātana Dharma to immerse himself in his heritage as it is and to provide objective evidence of its fundamental constructs. He has been a practicing Kriya Yoga initiate for over twenty-five years. He has published, in Kannada, literary criticism from a yogic view of D.R. Bendre’s poems. He is a co-author of Vedic & Yogic Heritage Festivals of Bharata, an English translation of the Kannada edition of Swami Sri Rangapriya’s book.

Sringeri YATRA with the Author: 

We are now pleased to announce a YATRA with the author of the book to Sringeri. The tour is open to 10 public intellectuals who are keen on exploring this topic along with the author and know more about the temple and its architectural insights. Scholars with the necessary  background in the topics covered in the book will be given preference. A sum of Rs 20,000 or actuals will be provided to each scholar for defraying his or her travel expenditure. All expenses at Sringeri will be taken care of by INDICA. All we ask of you is to come prepared to immerse yourself in the experience and thereby transform yourself.

Contact :
Vadde Srinivas
Sr Coordinator – Events
Ph No: 9701400933
Write to namaste@indica.org.in