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"Behind any human suffering, there is always a being of light."


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Mon 05 Jun 2023

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

How Your Thoughts Shape Your Digestion (Evidence Based)

In Ayurvedic medicine, physical disharmony in digestion is the primary cause of disease. In fact, we aim to harmonise digestion first for absolutely any health condition. The gut microbiome is perhaps the most important to all other biomes in the body. However, in Ayurveda, there are many deeper layers to digestion functioning well. If we are mentally not digesting the moment in front of us, our digestion is immediately affected. Our state of the mind predicts digestive processes. Anxious mind, variable digestion. Depressed mind, depressed digestion, which essentially means assimilation may be poor. Through meditation, yoga asanas, pranayama, sattvic food and self enquiry we begin to once again digest the present moment and heal the physical digestive tract. Amazingly, these days we have all of this Ancient wisdom completely backed up by research! Let us meditate on all levels of digestion together to learn more…


Celia Roberts

BSc - Director of BIYOME

Celia Roberts introduces us to deeper dimensions of Yoga, Meditation and Lifestyle Medicine. Celia runs the BioMedical Institute of Yoga and Meditation in the foothills of Brisbane, Australia, and reaches a global online audience with Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training. She invites people from all walks of life to merge science and spirituality for betterment of their health and well-being, to ultimately have deeper insight and know true compassion within.


Sophia French

Editor & Curator, Indica Center for Yoga Studies & Indica Center for Ayurveda Studies

Sophia Ann French is the Editor & Curator at the Indica Center for Yoga Studies and Indica Center for Ayurveda Studies. She has been practising hatha yoga for over 15 years and she is a regular practitioner of Vipassana. She is also studying Vedanta with the Chinmaya International Foundation, she is a certified Sivananda Yoga teacher and was the founder and editor of India's first online magazine on Yoga and Vedanta. As Editor & Curator at Indica, she ensures we develop and maintain authentic connections with yoga teachers, institutes, vaidyas, etc, so that we can connect and collaborate to bring you the best of Indian knowledge systems and the lineages that support these systems.