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There is only one you and also there is no planet B- If you are concerned about your health and planetary health, add more plants on your plates 🌱


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Fri 24 Jun 2022

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (UTC+5.5)

Plant-Based Diet and Lifestyle for Wellness

The message is very clear. While it is worthwhile to switch out your plastic water bottles for glass, buy non-GMO products and use phthalate-free toothpaste, it is more important to first conquer the six habits that can make heart attacks and chronic diseases nearly extinct. The number one killer of men and women can be tamed with your fork, your feet, your fingers far from cigarettes, and some responsible use of a small glass of wine( completely avoiding alcohol is the best option)

So it’s as easy as simply sticking to these six simple habits:

  1. Plant-based diet
  2. Regular physical activity
  3. No smoking and reduced or eliminate alcohol consumption.
  4. Using Stress reducing techniques like yoga, deep breathing and meditation and nurturing positive relationships
  5. Adequate sleep
  6. Weight and waist control

Dr Sirisha Potluri

Medical Doctor and Dietary/Lifestyle Medicine Coach Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition

Dr. Sirisha Potluri is a medical doctor and dietary/lifestyle medicine coach certified in plant-based nutrition through ECornell - certified in lifestyle medicine physician. Her interest is in plant based nutrition and disease prevention and reversal. She hosts plant-based workshops, diabetes undone workshops,and does one-on-one consultations for weight loss and disease reversal. She has been featured on numerous shows and podcasts including Jane Unchained News Network, Chef AJ, Gift of Health, New York etc. She co-founded and currently manages “Plant-Based Thursdays,” which is a social network consisting of 1000+ active participants. Along with illness prevention and disease reversal, her passion is to craft whole-food plant-based recipes, which she constantly updates on her blog (https://plantbasedlosangeles.org) (FaceBook) (Instagram) Email: email-plantbasedlosangeles2020@gmail.com