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"I am grateful to have found the practice of Ashtanga yoga in my late 20s, which has provided a steady foundation for spiritual growth."


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Tue 18 Apr 2023

6:15 PM - 8:15 PM (UTC+5.5)

Ṛtu Viḍyā: Connecting to Your Cycle: A Workshop for Female Yoga Practitioners

Just like the lunar cycle and the seasons, we too as women have our own internal cycle and seasons. Connecting to our menstrual cycle is the doorway to greater health, wellbeing and spiritual development. As yoga practitioners, our yoga practices can be guided by our cycles and adapted accordingly. Join Nea Ferrier for a restorative yoga class themed on this topic. Open to female yoga practitioners of all levels and lineages.


Nea Ferrier

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher & Menstruality Educator

Nea is the founder of Ashtanga Yoga Dubai and Nilaya House, a yoga shala in Dubai. Authorised Level 2 by Paramguru R Sharath Jois in 2010, Nea teaches daily in Dubai as well as workshops and retreats internationally. An avid student of yoga for close to 20 years, Nea continues her studies in the darshans of Vedanta, Tantra, Ayurveda and Veda Chanting, alongside remaining a committed practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga. She is passionate about helping women connect to their menstrual cycles and is currently enrolled in the Menstruality Leadership Programme with The Red School.


Sophia French

Host, Journalist

Sophia has been a journalist for over 15 years, and she has been practising hatha yoga for 20 years. She completed a yoga and Vedanta course at the Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Ashram in Netala, and she's been practising hatha yoga in the Iyengar and Krishnamacharya systems. She is currently studying Indian philosophy and is a regular journalist